Celebrating Creativity Through the Power of Voice 
Tap into your divine creativity and the spirit of land and sea. 
Express your soul through voice, breath, song, journaling, ritual and dance. 
Join an intimate group of women at Xenia Retreat Center on beautiful Bowen Island
June 26th until June 29th 2020
Radiant Heart Summer Retreat
Take a weekend to join an intimate group of women to journey to a beautiful oceanfront sanctuary. Tap into divine creativity and the spirit of land and sea to allow the true essence of your soul to come through your voice. If your life is your song, gift yourself with the time to discover it, the joy of creating it, and courage to share it.


Authentic vocal technique: You were born sounding your own authentic sound. Through a combination of relaxation and simple yet profound steps, you will be guided to reclaim your authentic voice and given practices to gain more vocal mastery from wherever you are at.

Body Singing: Using Julie’s specially designed tracks we move, breath and sing the body open. Your body is your instrument.

Improvisation: Let your voice become an extension of your soul as we sing, play, relax and create.

Chants and Mantras: We journey from the depths of vocal meditation to the heights of expressive singing with timeless, heart-opening chants and songs from all over the world. 

Naming Song: Inspired by the African practice of a community creating a song for each child born, we will create a soul song for each member of our community.

Personal Anthem: May you find your song and sing it. You’ll have time, guidance and inspiration to create your own soul song in the surrounding gorgeous nature.

Ho'Oponopono Forgiveness Singing Ceremony
As we release old judgements and resentfulness so much creative energy is liberated.
Your Facilitator:
Julie Blue is a soulful songstress and uniquely transformative voice coach
whose innovative methods have helped thousands liberate their voices. An accomplished singer, pianist, award-winning composer/ recording artist, Julie is passionate about inspiring people to discover their authentic, creative voices and find more confidence, peace, and joy through song, chant, ritual and supportive community. 
Hear What Other Inspired Women Are Saying About 
The Radiant Heart Summer Retreat
Singing with Julie opened me to a deeper connection in my Soul and Spirit...
“Singing with Julie opened me to a deeper connection with my Soul and Spirit I have not felt since I was 18 years old. Since I’m now 65, I had fears about singing and didn’t think I had a voice to sing anymore. Julie modeled the teaching every step of the way in the most loving, skillful and inspirational way. I left the retreat knowing I could sing in all ranges of my voice; I could compose and I could improvise! Thank you, Julie, for giving me back my first love”.  - Rhetah Kwan, Certified Coach
Julie has an almost magical way of bringing out your own voice...
"Julie has an almost magical way of bringing out your voice and making you comfortable and free to sing. Being together at a beautiful place to heal, breath, relax and create my own song was magical." - Andrea Goldsmith
I learned to sing through my pain...
"Singing with Julie reconnected me with women in a safe, open-hearted divinely orchestrated space where I learned to sing through my pain. I love Julie’s analogies and expressions and how she incorporates many cultures’ music." -Melinda Michael
Register before May 25th for Early Bird Pricing of $647 (plus tax)

Register after May 25th for $697

But, hurry! This is open to a small group only!

Includes gourmet meals & comfortable accommodations

($247 non-refundable deposit required).

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