The Joy of Singing - One day Playshop   
with Julie Blue
Are you ready to sing your heart out?
Want more joy? 
ENJOY singing from whatever level you’re at. Open your authentic voice and the joy of expressing with sound and song. Give yourself a ‘spa day for the soul’ and experience singing for the fun of it. Come cultivate community, connection, creativity and celebration!
The Joy of Singing - One day Playshop with Julie Blue
During your day:

  You’ll learn:

  • Julie’s Authentic Voice Technique 
  • How laughing opens up your voice 
  • The joy and benefits of being on pitch, in time and how to keep your humor when you’re not.
  • Sound and movement practices to cultivate joy
 • Songs and chants you can sing with your family and friends

  You’ll receive bonuses:

  • Julie’s Freedom to Sing 5 part video series so you can keep exploring 
     your authentic voice ($67 value)
  • Audio tracks of the songs we sing together so you can keep finding 
     your joy through singing. ($47 value)
Your Facilitator For The Joy of Singing Playshop
Julie Blue is a soulful songstress and uniquely transformative voice coach whose innovative methods have helped thousands liberate their voices. An accomplished singer, pianist, award-winning composer/ recording artist, Julie is passionate about inspiring people to discover their authentic, creative voices and find more confidence, peace and joy through song, chant, ritual and supportive community
 Saturday September 30th 10:00am - 5:00pm

When: Saturday September 30th 2017 10:00am–5:00pm
Location: Bridge & Enrich, Vancouver
718 E. 20th Street (Entrance on Fraser)
Who can come: Women, men and cool kids 8+
Women, bring your husbands and partners so you can sing together.
Investment in your joy: 
$180 includes beautiful vegetarian lunch 
$300 for a couple
$40 for kids 8+ 
GST not included
Call Vie for more information (778) 233- 5228
To Register: Click below for registration. 

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