Radiant Heart Song Circle is a circle of heart-centered women, a place to grow wings of song and focus on our personal healing journeys and evolution. Our vehicles are chants, songs and rituals to take us beyond the mind into the heart to embody our voices as instruments.
Can you feel the song inside you, 
a vibration of soul and sound that is uniquely yours? 

Perhaps you:

• Long to experience the kind of freedom and release you feel when you watch other singers lose themselves in song.

• Love music, possibly even play, and want a musical outlet that feels right.

• Enjoy singing and want to feel the same freedom you feel singing alone in your car when you are singing with others

• Want to express your truth even in difficult conversations without your throat tightening.

• Want to nurture your creativity, activate your intuition, and cultivate your presence.

• Have a desire to make more real connections and do something positive and uplifting for yourself.

• Play a leadership role as a coach, counselor, healer, teacher, or speaker and can see yourself including song or chant in your practice and want the training and tools.

• Are ready to take your place in a sacred circle of support, share your authentic voice and shine your light.

Authentic voice is not just singing, it’s about 
showing up as who you really are and speaking your truth. 

Are you speaking your truth or just saying what you think
people want to hear? 

Are you bringing out your richest most resonant voice so people can not only hear you but FEEL you? 

Do you stay silent when your intuition is telling you a truth that
needs to be shared? 

Are you sharing your personal story, gifts and wisdom with the people
who need to hear it?

Julie's Message: 

It has taken me years to own my authentic voice— even when I was touring the world as a professional musician, composing for a wide range of films and leading a 75-voice empowerment choir - I often really struggled with the need for approval and was very hard on myself if I got something ’wrong’. Only by making a commitment to love myself as much as I love others and committing to a daily meditation/chant practice have I been able to make a sustainable shift of frequency. The songs, chants, and rituals that imbibe Radiant Heart Song Circle with life were born out of a profound longing for more joy, peace and freedom. I’m so grateful to be sharing this journey of chant, song and awakening with you.

I see you as already having a radiant heart because you know the value of kindness and compassion. I see you as already being a singer and invite you to trust me to skillfully and kindly, with a good dose of humor, give you the tools and coaching to let your singer become vividly real to you. I see you as a vibrant part of the circle and welcome you to join me on this awakening journey.

When we join our hearts together and raise our voices with intention 
- we make a difference in the world. 
Radiant Heart Song Circle
Come raise your voice with a group of heart-centred women for eight weekly soul-singing sessions in a supportive circle of sweet sound. No auditions required. If you have a longing to sing and a desire to connect, then you belong.
It's time to awaken your beautiful, powerful voice 
and let yourself be heard. 
In this safe and sacred container you are invited to...

• Reclaim the power of your voice and express more freely 

• Feel calm, centered, and inspired 

• Access higher levels of your intuition and creativity 

• Release negative beliefs and stories 

• Enliven your spirit and invoke your Divine Feminine Essence 

• Move, breathe, laugh, play and have fun 

• Sing and dance for peace within ourselves and for the world 

• Explore weekly themes such as forgiveness, gratitude, self-love and living life as a song.

You receive...

• Julie Blue’s ‘Authentic Voice Technique’ training and videos so you can express yourself with confidence.

• Chants from the Sanskrit, Hebrew, First Nations, Arabic, African and Tibetan traditions so you can discover the magic of timeless, heart opening chants from all over the world. By singing in the spirit of many traditions, we help bring healing to cultural divisions and find the joy in singing together that is inherent in other cultures.

• Original chants and songs from Julie designed to clear, heal and awaken you to yourself.

• Well known favorite songs that will inspire you to start singing and keep singing.

• Training to hear and sing harmony so that you can harmonize with your friends.

• Movements, warm ups and practices that bring relaxation, peace and integration.

• Weekly rituals and check-ins so you feel safe and connected with the other women in the circle.

• A digital download of all the songs and chants so you can sing each day in your car, your home, or with your friends.

What people who have sung with Julie have to say...
“When I joined Julie Blue I was coming out of a difficult time and recovering from a brain injury. I needed to make sound, be in a safe, gentle environment and make new friends where I could feel connected and supported. I needed rhythm, coordination and also to free up my beautiful soulful sound which had not been sung for way too many years. Harmonizing all of me with Julie Blue and Singspiration in our ‘circle’ of open hearts and voices was my weekly therapy filled with safety, sound and heart felt connections that would last a life time. It was Julie’s loving facilitation and masterful guidance that helped me move through obstacles, freeing my voice and all parts my life. I am truly a better person from her grace and gifts.” 
—Amy Color Intimacy & Relationship Coach
“This is my first experience singing with a group and it has changed me profoundly. I always had a love for singing but didn't feel confident enough to sing in front of people. With Julie's guidance, through the workshops and personally, as well as the love and acceptance of the other singers I feel that I've been able to step out of my comfort zone and have grown in so many aspects of my life, not just singing. I really found my voice and I attest that to Julie Blue."
—Selena Martins, Working Mom
"Julie Blue is a true gem of a human being. She leads and gathers those who seek guidance on how to best express their voice with ease and grace. She is a natural born teacher and leader, and joyfully gathers groups to feel welcome, inspired and happy. I'm grateful Julie has crossed my path and has showed me the power of sharing voice and song as a means to bridge communities for the well-being of all." 
—Dr. Alexina Mehta, Naturopath
"In my culture, a master is someone who uses their craft to teach others about life. A master drummer doesn’t simply teach you how to become a good drummer, they teach you how to become a decent human being. They are expected to come from a place of wisdom, not mere technical knowledge which you can acquire pretty much anywhere. I consider Julie Blue to be a true master, in the real sense of the word according to my African tradition. Not everybody can be a master, no matter how technically good they are at their craft. Only a few have the gift."
— Jacky Yenga, African Wisdom Messenger
"Julie Blue is a compassionate, sensitive, skilled facilitator. She takes the significance and perfectionism out of singing and creates a safe space in which participants are free to explore, celebrate and shine. Working with Julie Blue and the loving energy of the supportive group really allowed me to take my self- expression through music to the next level! Julie's approach was gentle, loving and truthful and her insightful coaching incredibly empowering." 
—Theda Pheonix, Singer Songwriter
Since beginning to sing with Julie 6 years ago I have grown so much with my ability to express myself, use my voice and share my gifts. Apart from Julie’s professional approach as a musician, performer and choir director, I was attracted to her magical and unique ability to create community and facilitate inner growth through voice exercises, singing, sharing and connecting. Julie brings a spiritual component by channeling harmony and a sense of oneness in her sessions. Each meeting was an experience of deepening my inner being by immersing in music, sounds vibrations, breath and movement. I loved how Julie led us into another dimension by using our imagination, voices and intention. I am looking forward Julie’s Radiant Heart Singing circles. It is time to empower the Divine Feminine energy and have women express their love and beauty in order to heal ourselves, the world and restore harmony." 
 —Hila Russ, Artist & Teacher
About Julie Blue

Julie Blue is an accomplished singer and pianist, an award-winning film composer/recording artist and a uniquely transformational voice coach. She founded Singspiration Trainings in 1990, offering programs in sound healing, songwriting and performance, and the Singspiration Singers a 75-voice community choir. Julie received the 2015 YWCA Women of Distinction Award and has shared the stage with luminaries such as Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, and Neale Donald Walsh. 

She has pioneered innovative and effective methods to help thousands of people liberate their voices and express themselves with song. Blue has heard music in her head since she was a child, which combined with a life-long study of music, spiritual growth, and how to navigate life as an empath, has made her into a musical soul whisperer who shares her teachings and music with vulnerability, humor and heart. Julie is passionate about inspiring women to liberate their authentic creative voices and find more confidence, peace, and joy through song, chant, ritual and being part of a dynamic supportive community.

“A place where I can feel free. 
Where troubles melt away into harmony. 
Where faces light up when I walk in the room. 
There’s joy in the circle, circle of song”. 
—Julie Blue  
Radiant Heart Song Circle with Julie Blue
Chants, songs & rituals to uplift your spirit & liberate your voice.
Join our weekly radiant heart centred circle of women & song.
Free your voice, express your divine self and feel connected. 
Come and experience the joy of the circle! 
  Spring 2020 Open House – Bring A Friend 

Thursdays April 2nd - May 21st 2020 7:15-9:45pm

Tuesday April 7th - May 26th 2020 1:00-3:30pm

 Reserve your spot, space is limited.
Radiant Heart Song Circle Vancouver • Spring 2020 Series
There are two 8 week song circles to choose from: 

I. Thursdays, April 2nd - May 21st at 7:15 - 9:45 pm 

2. Tuesdays, April 7th - May 26th at 1:00 - 3:30 pm

Location: Bridge & Enrich 718 East 20th Ave, Vancouver
Cost: $333 for new members for the 8 week series and weekly emails with music downloads.

Are you are returning member?
Click here for a special offer.

To Register: Click below for registration. 
Questions: Contact Julie Blue julieblue@telus.net

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Vocal Freedom: Sunday March 29th 10:00am- 5:00pm

The good news is that wherever you are in your singing ability right now, you can improve – and you can do so dramatically

Celebrating Creativity Through the Power of Voice

Tap into your divine creativity and the spirit of land and sea. 
Express your soul through voice, breath, song, journaling, ritual and dance. 

Join an intimate group of women at Xenia Retreat Center on beautiful Bowen Island

3 nights - Friday June 26th afternoon to Monday morning June 29th

 Includes gourmet meals & comfortable accommodations
Singing with Julie Blue in a harmonious circle of love, sound and trust is a transformational grounding balancing magical experience. 
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